a nation without borders is not a nation

From Senator Jeff Sessions Facebook page: posted 2/5/13)

President Obama met at the White House today with CEOs and progressive allies to discuss ways to advance the new immigration amnesty bill. In response, Sen. Sessions issued the following statement:

"Once again, our leaders are meeting in secret with narrow special interests to decide the fate of our immigration system while everyday working Americans are shut out. President Obama is meeting privately with the most powerful men in finance and business to discuss how to bring in more low-wage labor at a time when millions of Americans can’t earn enough to pay their bills. He’s meeting with progressive activists to discuss amnesty and chain migration. But what we need is an immigration policy that serves the national interest, not the special interests.

Who at the White House is speaking for the working people of this country? Who is speaking for the $15-an-hour legal worker who doesn’t want to lose his job to federally subsidized illegal labor? Who is speaking for the taxpayers who don’t want to burden their children and grandchildren with more debt to provide free federal benefits to the millions of people who are unlawfully present? Who is speaking for the victims of drug cartel violence that could be prevented if the borders were secure?

Somehow I doubt Goldman Sachs or La Raza is speaking for these Americans. We have seen this before: the 'masters of the universe' want low wages and cheap labor and don’t seem to care much about how it impacts workers or taxpayers. All lawmakers—Democrat, Republican, Independent—have a responsibility to our citizen and legal immigrant constituents to put their needs ahead of the special interests President Obama is meeting with today."