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In 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize marijuana use, and already 18 states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws allowing for the medical use of marijuana. This state-level activity may prompt greater interest in federal marijuana legislation, and Congress needs to hear from its constituents.
Issue Spotlight: Marijuana and Hemp Bills

-- The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act (HR 499):
To decriminalize marijuana at the Federal level, to leave to the States a power to regulate marijuana that is similar to the power they have to regulate alcohol. The Respect State Marijuana Laws Act (HR 1523): To provide for a new rule regarding the application of the Act to marijuana. - -- Just Introduced! --
-- The States' Medical Marijuana Property Rights Protection Act (HR 784): To exempt real property from civil forfeiture due to medical-marijuana-related conduct that is authorized by State law. -
-- The Truth in Trails Act (HR 710): To provide an affirmative defense for the medical use of marijuana in accordance with the laws of the various States.
-- The States' Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act (HR 689): To provide for the rescheduling of marijuana and for the medical use of marijuana in accordance with the laws of the various States.
-- The Marijuana Tax Equity Act (HR 501): To amend the tax code to provide for the taxation of marijuana.
- HR 1635: Establishing the National Commission on Federal Marijuana Policy. - -- Just Introduced! --
-- The Industrial Hemp Farming Act (HR 525 and S 359): To exclude industrial hemp from the definition of marijuana. - and

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