For someone,
I AM blessings are like searching bees. The blossoms that attract them, the aroma of our heart, the fruit of our life.
you bear awaking fruit.
or are you in forever bud? maybe braving a harsh winter and you're struggling to hold on.
God sees you.
He is rooting for you, and He has placed solutions and wisdom all around you.
You must seek them to wield them.
Search His word and wait upon revelation. Proverbs never fails. Words and guidance written with a loving clear approach. Experiential Human rules of order. White and Black. Brought to LIGHT by the power of His love.
The mission He accomplished.
His words speak today.
They are written in red, they were established with His own
He LOVES you with an everlasting, come hell or high water, love.
Receive HiM now.

Thank you Father for my champion Jesus the Christ.
You are faithful, You are good, and you Keep me and your promises.